Recurring injuries are not usually born from happenstance, but when they do occur the first step of action should be to get the advice of a physical therapist. Commonly recurring injuries are caused by faulty movement patterns, muscle imbalances or motor recruitment impairments. A quick change in the volume or intensity of physical activity or overworking your body with improper rest can also place a person at risk of recurrent injury.

Athletes and individuals who perform a series of repetitive tasks at work or in their daily routines are at risk of recurrent injuries due to continual strain. One of the best techniques for injury prevention is well-rounded mobility and fully-body strengthening programs. The key to avoiding recurring injury is diversity in activity volume and intensity.

When physical therapists do see recurrent injuries in patients, the first step is usually to modify the existing activities that caused the injury. Based on the cause of the injury, the physical therapists will evaluate where modifications need to be made. Normally these modifications are made with a focus on muscle strengthening and tissue flexibility.

In order to identify incorrect and injury-prone movements, physical therapists monitor a variety of movements, including running, cutting and weightlifting, and everyday activities like walking stairs and getting into and out of the car. Physical therapists are then able to use specific muscle tests to develop a specific and individualized treatment program.
Physical therapists can additionally use a variety of therapeutic techniques for short-term relief including dry needling, taping and electrical stimulation to temporarily lessen pain and correct movement patterns.

If you are experiencing a recurring injury, schedule an appointment at one of our four locations. A doctor’s referral is accepted but not required.