Fall is on the horizon which means football season is almost in full swing. One of the best ways players can reach peak performance and decrease the chance of injuries is by spending time with a physical therapist like our team at Southern Rehab and Sports Medicine. 

Common Football Injuries

Due to the physicality of the sport, injuries can be pretty common for football players at any level. Some of the most common football injuries include concussions, sprains and ligament tears. While the majority of injuries consist of orthopedic trauma from physical contact, players also increase the risk of injury with poor training, fatigue and dehydration. The team at Southern Rehab is equipped to help football players take the necessary measures to lower the risk of these injuries and treat injuries when they happen. Our goal is to help athletes return safely to the game.

Benefits of Physical Therapy for Football Players 

When a player wants to improve by getting faster and stronger, the first thought might be more physical training and strength and conditioning. However, seeing a physical therapist should be considered for improved performance. Physical therapists, especially those with a focus on sports medicine, are able to incorporate specific training techniques relevant to football and a player’s movements on the field. Improving flexibility and muscle strength is a major focus during these physical therapy appointments. Not only will visits with a physical therapist help improve performance, but they can also decrease the chance of injuries.

Supporting our Local Football Teams

Southern Rehab has worked with football teams from local high schools in the LaGrange area for over 20 years. The team works closely each year with Emory Southern Orthopedics to provide free preparticipation sports physicals for Callaway, Troup, LaGrange High Schools as well as LaGrange College and Point University. 

Once the season is in full swing, Southern Rehab works closely with the different high schools to provide athletic training for football players and provide a Saturday morning Bump and Bruise clinic for free. According to Southern Rehab Physical Therapist Josh McGinty, SRSM has been the leader in providing the most science-based sports medicine rehab in the area for years. 

“I feel like people don’t understand that all physical therapy is not the same,” explains McGinty. “But if you tear your ACL or hurt your shoulder, Southern Rehab is the place you want to be.”

Give us a call or schedule an appointment below, and let us help you have a great season on the field!