Aquatic Physical Therapy provides an alternative form of therapy that allows patients to achieve more movement compared to traditional land-based programs. This therapy can be extremely beneficial to those with low back pain, arthritis, balance disorders as well as used for pain management and post-surgical rehabilitation. Check out these five incredible benefits of Aquatic Physical Therapy.

1. Increased muscle strength

Water is around 600 to 700 times more resistant than air. This resistance naturally makes your muscles work even harder when completing movement in the water compared to land. When you increase the speed of your movements, it makes them harder, which in turn, makes you stronger, without the risk of impact-related injuries.

2. A faster recovery time

Due to water’s nature, it continuously creates a force that pushes back with every move you make. This is known as hydrostatic pressure. This can help increase circulation and decrease swelling which can enhance the healing process. In addition, the bupyancy of the water also provides an environment where you can place more weight on joints, which allows those experiencing specific injuries to recover safer and faster than you may be able to do on dry land.

3. Improved flexibility and mobility

Your range of motion improves because water cushions you and reduces the amount of weight on your joints. This makes increasing your flexibility a lot easier. Additionally, water also helps with the movement of very painful or swollen joints/limbs due to its relative density, allowing you to see increases in mobility with less pain.

4. Increased balance and coordination

Our bodies are continually responding to the pressure and movement of water around us when we are in the water. This enhances our reaction time, muscle strength, and sensory awareness, all of which help us improve our balance and coordination. The sense of security and relaxation that comes from being surrounded by water can also assist to reduce the fear of falling. Exercising that would be difficult on land may now be possible in the water.

5. Decreased pain

The natural buoyancy of water combined with the hydrostatic pressure cause a weightless sensation. This reduces pressure on the joints, weight-bearing stress and decreases inflammation which all allows you to move more easily and without the pain, you would experience with the same movements on land.

Southern Rehab and Sports Medicine offer Aquatic Physical Therapy in Columbus and Newnan. If you’re interested in learning more, please send us a message- no doctor’s referral is necessary.