The core is made up of 35 muscle groups including complex muscles that extend beyond the abdominals. Core strength is less about appearance, focusing more on building a strong base that supports your body. Since your core supports everyday movement, it is necessary to take steps to build these muscle groups. Here are 4 reasons why having a strong core is important.

1. Promotes Better Balance

The majority of body movement begins in the center and spreads outward. Your extremities’ ability to move correctly and painlessly is dependent upon that group of muscles we refer to as your core. Everything else may be put in place by strengthening it.

2. Can Decrease Back Pain

The abs are a part of the core muscular group. By making them stronger, you’ll move with less stress on your spine and have less back pain. Additionally, the core muscles support the spine in its appropriate alignment, which might lessen backaches.

3. Improves Posture 

Most of us have poor posture and aren’t even aware of how we should be carrying ourselves! It will be simpler for you to maintain good posture because stronger core muscles mean less strain on your spine. Better posture also translates to fewer aches elsewhere, including the shoulder, neck and back.

4. Can Reduce Injuries 

Lessening the strain on your back and enhancing your posture and balance will reduce your risk of suffering an accident. If you are sporty, having a strong core will make it easier for you to build all the other muscles, lowering your risk of injury on the field in turn. Senior citizens who have stronger cores are less prone to falls, which is the leading cause of accidents and fatalities among this group.

Luckily, strengthening your core can be relatively easy. If you have any questions about building your core strength, give the team at Southern Rehab a call! We can help you build a plan and provide additional information. No doctor’s referral is necessary!