October is National Physical Therapy Month which aims to raise awareness about the many benefits of physical therapy. While many consider physical therapy as something offered to post-surgical or injured patients, it is useful for so much more. Here are some additional benefits of physical therapy

1. Reduction of Pain

From chronic to acute pain, physical therapy can aid in the diagnosis and treatment for a variety of pain sources. Physical therapists are trained to address the root cause of an array of musculoskeletal pain like chronic lower back or neck pain, arthritis or joint pain. Instead of masking pain with medication, physical therapy can offer a long-term solution.

2. Injury Prevention

While physical therapy is often recommended to treat injuries, it can also help prevent injuries. Physical therapists can assist people in taking control of their health by detecting body imbalances and risk factors that could make them more vulnerable to harm or impair their physical ability. Injuries may be avoided by analyzing and resolving these variables. Proactive strength and balance training can also make it easier to carry out daily tasks and take part in athletics. 

3. Can treat a variety of disorders 

Physical therapy can be the first line of defense for many disorders and conditions. Ranging from vertigo and cervicogenic headaches to sciatica and plantar fasciitis, physical therapists are able to provide effective treatment for a broad range of orthopedic conditions, sports-related injuries as well as other muscle, bone and joint conditions. 

4. Promotes Overall Wellness

Physical therapists have the training and expertise to help improve overall health and avoid preventable conditions. This can be accomplished by focusing on building strength, flexibility, balance and endurance, all of which can help prevent injuries and lead to a more healthy lifestyle. 

At Southern Rehab, we make personalized programs, ensuring the patient’s preferences, goals, and recovery the top priority. Schedule an appointment with our expert team and let our physical therapists help you!