The game of golf and the world of fitness research are constantly developing. Physical therapists combined the increased knowledge of the two domains and have developed specific training programs to extend the length of golfer careers and empower them to perform at the highest level possible. Physical therapists at Southern Rehab and Sports Medicine are specially trained through one of these newly developed programs, the NASM Golf Fitness Specialization. This specialization trains physical therapists in the arenas of fitness, conditioning, technology, and sports medicine to create a unique program tailored for individual golfers. 

What is Golf Fitness Specialization?

NASM Golf Fitness Specialists have become the go-to authorities on golf conditioning. Developed by specialists with a background in golf, the program equips physical therapists to perform golf-specific health assessments, implement new training methods and reduce the chance of lower-back injuries. They are then able to help golfers lower their scores and play pain-free. 

Some of the most challenging obstacles in becoming a better golfer are physical issues like lack of strength and mobility. These problems often lead to inconsistency in the golfer’s game and unfortunately also to injury. Physical therapists use customized exercises to observe what causes these limitations and determine physically where they appear for the individual. 

What to expect during your visit

The best way to assess these types of issues is often by the evaluation of a golfer’s swing. Evaluation the golfer’s swing enables physical therapists to identify unwanted movements and measure an individual’s ability to create and use speed in their swing. This is also helpful in addressing common issues like “extending early” or “going over the top.”

After determining these points of concern, physical therapists can create a custom plan for the golfer moving forward. These individually-tailored programs focus on actions that target and employ stretching, balance, posture, and strength.

To achieve maximum potential, all golfers, both amateurs and professionals, are highly encouraged to take their game to the next level with the trained physical therapists at Southern Rehab. Schedule your appointment today!