Physical therapists are masters in the human body’s movement patterns. By assessing the movement system through their knowledge in mobility, physical therapists are able to provide a unique perspective on purposeful, accurate and efficient movement. Check out how physical therapists can use this knowledge to help you stay healthy and fit!

Prevent injuries

While physical therapy aids in the recovery of injuries, it can also serve as a preventative measure against injuries. Physical therapists can help individuals be proactive by pinpointing certain imbalances and factors that could potentially lead to an injury. Addtionally, proactive strength and balance training can help the ability to perform daily activities and participate in recreational and athletic activities.

Increase your physical activity

Physical therapy might be effective even if you’re in good health and participate in a variety of activities. Your physical therapist can assist you in improving your performance by advising you on specific forms and techniques. If you want to get back into the things you enjoy, your physical therapist can help you do so. You’ll collaborate to develop a treatment plan that will help you reach your goals. The physical therapist will assist you in increasing your strength, endurance and flexibility.

Improve your flexibility

Increasing your muscle and joint flexibility is a goal of many physical therapy treatment programs. Your physical therapist can assist you with a number of stretching treatments as well as heat therapy to loosen up tight muscles and tendons. Massage or breathing techniques may be recommended by your physical therapist to help you relax and become more flexible.

Treat chronic and acute pain

Physical therapy also helps with chronic and stress-related pain management. Your physical therapist can not only diagnose and treat your symptoms, but they can also determine the exact cause of your discomfort. He or she will then educate you on how to handle it so that it does not become an issue again in the future.

Posture and ergonomic assessment

Many of us use computers, phones and tablets on a regular basis these days, and we are often unconscious of our posture when doing so. Looking down at your phone can add up to 10 pounds to your head and neck weight, which can lead to a variety of orthopedic issues. Physical therapists can help you to understand what proper posture entails and how to use it in your daily life.

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