Running is a great activity to implement to achieve a healthy lifestyle. It is a convenient, low-cost activity with both physiological and psychological benefits.  Adding running to your routine can potentially improve cardiovascular health, mental health, increased lung power, along with stress and weight reduction. Nonetheless, it can be physically taxing. The repetitive nature of the sport combined with the compressive joint loads involved with running often leads to overuse injuries and damage to leg joints and muscles. 

Working with a professional physical therapist can help improve your running form to help prevent injuries and develop a personalized running training program.  Southern Rehab is now offering a Running Clinic at the Columbus location. The goal of the clinic is to aid runners in avoiding injuries while improving running technique. Whether you have already had a running injury or are looking for a new routine to prevent future injuries, participation in Southern Rehab’s Running Clinic is a constructive way to meet your personal goals and improve as a runner.

The Running Clinic will include a thorough running evaluation to help beginners get started safely or improve form and performance for recreational and advanced runners. A physical therapist will perform a video assessment on a treadmill from three different angles to record foot strike and lower-extremity alignment. The evaluation will examine the individual’s running form including foot strike, hip and knee alignment and cadence, while simultaneously evaluating any preexisting paint or injuries. 

Based on the evaluation, a physical therapist can assess the runner’s needs and offer specific suggestions catered to the individual, such as a need for new shoes or an adjustment in foot strike or mileage. The physical therapist will then develop and implement mobility drills, corrective exercises, running programming and metronome training.

Southern Rehab will equip you with the tools and suggestions needed to make needed adjustments and implement proper running techniques to diminish possible injuries and prolong your running career.