CrossFit athletes participate in high-intensity workouts multiple times a week, a routine that is much more intense than the average person’s weekly activity. CrossFit athletes are always focused on improvement. One uncommon, but extremely effective way to improve CrossFit performance is from physical therapy. 

While many physical therapists are wary about the potential risks of CrossFit, our team at Southern Rehab and Sports Medicine understands the importance of the relationship between CrossFit Athletes and physical therapy. In our mind, CrossFit is a sport and we recognize the injures that come with participating in this activity that promotes taking care of your body.

While CrossFit can be strenuous, it should not cause more pain than a regular workout would. Physical therapy is implemented with the goal of increasing your flexibility, strength and endurance to treat current issues and prevent future injuries, giving athletes the tools they need to better understand their bodies. 

Physical therapists at Southern Rehab try to keep CrossFit athletes actively working out with modifications, unlike other physical therapists who normally ask injured athletes to stop for a month or more. Even more than CrossFit coaches, our physical therapists closely examine form. With the help of a physical therapist, athletes can better understand their patterns of movement and subsequently prevent injuries or safely return to working out.

Our helpful services include injury prevention programs, dry needling, cupping and IASTM to address tendonitis, trigger points and myofascial issues.  Along with those methods, we also offer custom taping for joint support and spinal manipulation for mobility restrictions. 

If you are looking for a physical therapist to help you rehabilitate from an injury or improve your performance, contact Southern Rehab and Sports Medicine. With years of experience, we have the tools to help you attain your desired goals of physical well-being and establish a plan to help you better perform your CrossFit workouts moving forward.