Unfortunately, minor injuries and lingering pain might not always be on the top of our list to get checked out due to the drawn-out process. Whether you have nagging lower back pain, experience aching knees when you run more than a mile or even tweak a muscle while moving a heavy object, you know you should seek help from a healthcare professional, most likely starting with your primary care provider. Ultimately after multiple doctor visits costing you money (co-pays) and time, you are referred to a physical therapist to treat the root cause of your pain or injury. Luckily, direct access makes this process more efficient and wallet-friendly.

What is Direct Access

Direct access is pretty much what it sounds like, direct access to physical therapy services without a physician referral or prescription. Whatever pain or discomfort you’re experiencing, you can schedule an appointment with a physical therapist right off the bat. Direct access to physical therapists gives you options on how you’d like to address your healthcare and wellness on your road to recovery. 

Physical Therapists Role in Healthcare

Physical therapists have extensive formal education and clinical training that allows them to diagnose, treat and manage movement dysfunctions, as well as improve functional abilities for individuals of all ages. 

When seeing a physical therapist directly, they will be able to assess if a treatment plan through physical therapy is the appropriate route for you, or if not they can refer you to another healthcare professional. 

Removing Barriers with Physical Therapy

Many of the barriers to physical therapy are removed with direct access. The benefits of direct access for patients include:

Saving Time

Instead of spending time on the phone or in a waiting room, you can schedule an appointment directly with Southern Rehab at one of our four conveniently located clinics. Direct-access therapy services result in fewer general practitioner visits and hospital admissions than those arranged via physician referrals.

Saving Money

Multiple doctor’s visits and co-pays can be eliminated by making Southern Rehab your first visit. Going directly to a physical therapist also reduces the need for costly imaging, medications and ​can potentially avoid expensive surgeries.

Reducing Recovery Time

Through direct access, you are able to skip the long process of seeing multiple healthcare professionals and get started right away with treating your pain. Studies show that direct access patients generally had better outcomes at discharge and achieved it in fewer visits than those referred by physicians.

Our expert team at Southern Rehab is here to help you! Call our office to address any questions you have about direct access and your insurance plans and to schedule an evaluation.