When having a Vertigo episode, you might feel dizzy, like the world around you is spinning. Most attacks are caused by a head movement that triggers the off-balance feeling. Maybe you were bending over the couch to fetch a dog toy or playing hide and go seek with your toddler when you moved your head in a way that caused a Vertigo flare-up.

No matter what causes an episode, you probably want to be treated as soon as possible, which is why seeing a physical therapist is best. Fortunately, you do not need to see a doctor every time you have an attack. Referrals are not necessary for treatment, you can simply call one of our three offices and set up an appointment to be seen right away.

Vertigo Treatment

When you visit Southern Rehab for treatment, you’ll work with Lori Jeter. Lori is a certified Physical Therapist (PT) and Clinical Vestibular Therapist (CVT) who specializes in Vestibular Rehabilitation Therapy and Functional Capacity Evaluations. First, Lori will evaluate you to determine how severe your symptoms are. Next, she will walk you through a series of movements designed to “re-set” your balance. These movements are extremely effective and should first be performed when a physical therapist is present to prevent making your symptoms worse. Watch below as Lori treats a patient dealing with vertigo.

Effectiveness and Cost

Few are aware that physical therapy is the most effective way to treat Vertigo. Most patients see significant improvement in their symptoms after the first visit and are cured after the second or third. Treatment only takes about thirty minutes and is usually covered by insurance making it time and cost-efficient.

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