The Columbus branch of Southern Rehab and Sports Medicine moved June 14th to a new and improved location in town. While Southern Rehab and Sports Medicine has a reputation that speaks for itself with successful locations also in Newnan, LaGrange and West Point, the new space offers more possibilities for exceptional care. 

After three years in the previous location, the new Columbus office is housed in a new facility around twice the size of the old Columbus location. This increase in open space allows the Southern Rehab team to better serve patients and athletics. The remodeled facility offers excellent care through programs including women’s health services, physical therapy, vestibular therapy, sports medicine and a running clinic. The new location will also house an outpatient neuro program along with general orthopedic services. 

“I’m most excited about the space and opportunity to provide better patient care and grow programs we already have. This is a better opportunity to do our jobs more effectively and serve people while upholding the standard we already have, especially at the clinic in Lagrange,” said physical therapist Dr. Rachael Lacey.

The new branch located at 1519 13th Avenue, looks to meet the community’s demand while continuing to serve their previous clients. The professionally trained team is excited to utilize the new space and ready to offer better service. 

“We’re an excellent physical therapy-owned practice. The difference in what we offer is that you will get the best possible quality care here. We are very focused on the individual patient and their progress,” Lacey added. 

The practice never stopped seeing patients, even during the transition, but make sure to schedule your appointment at the new location and learn about the new initiatives offered in the impressive facility!  

Whether you need help to recover from surgery, injury or for a variety of our other services, schedule an appointment at the new Southern Rehab Columbus location today!