Unfortunately, back pain will affect around 80% of Americans at some point during their life. Yet even with being so common, there are several misconceptions surrounding back pain. Back discomfort can be aggravating as well as debilitating, especially if previous preventative measures and therapies have failed. And, as a result, a person may be led down routes that may not be the most effective or even necessary. Whether it’s with your back pain or other areas involving your health, it’s important to be informed so you can make the most educated decision when it comes to treatment. 

Thinking Bed-Rest is the Answer

Long-term rest, which was once a standard treatment for back pain, has been shown to hinder recovery and even make your back pain worse. Instead, treatment that incorporates movement and exercise (e.g., stretches, walking, swimming, etc.) is typically more effective in a quick recovery and providing relief.

Getting an Adjustment

Those who regularly visit a chiropractor for back pain difficulties claim that having their spine adjusted, or “cracked,” provides relief. While this procedure can produce endorphins, which can provide temporary relief, spine mobilization is only effective in about 10% of all back pain patients. Exercise, as well as recognizing and addressing the source of the pain, is often more effective.

Opting for Medicine

Medication is a popular short fix, but it should never be considered a long-term solution for chronic back pain. In the short term, over-the-counter pain medications can assist, but prescription painkillers can be hazardous, addictive, and can make the pain worse in some cases.

Choosing Surgery 

In most cases, surgery is not recommended to treat back pain. As this option is more invasive and usually unnecessary, surgery should only be considered as a last resort. 

Let Southern Rehab Help Treat your Back Pain

While most back pain concerns are minor and will resolve themselves after a few days, lingering and increased pain can signal that there is something more serious going on. Seeing a physical therapist first is a great way to get relief. 

Physical therapists are skilled at determining the cause of your pain and creating individualized treatment plans to address those issues head-on. Through these treatment plans, patients can expect decreased pain, restore mobility and a reduced risk of further injury.

A referral is welcomed, but not necessary to begin physical therapy at Southern Rehab. Schedule an appointment and get relief!