Any Therapy FAQs people tend to ask with answers
Will my health insurance cover therapy?
Insurance coverage depends on your insurance company and plan type. We will communicate with your insurance company prior to your appointment and verify the insurance coverage you have for physical therapy. Some patients may have to meet a yearly deductible before insurance coverage begins, while others may be covered in full. It is all dependent on your insurance company and plan type. You will be informed of any expected costs and associated insurance coverage prior to starting physical therapy.

What insurances do you accept?
We accept all insurance, with the exception of Medicaid if the patient is OVER 21 years old. We also accept self-pay patients who do not have physical therapy insurance benefits.

Will I always see the same therapist?
Your initial evaluation will be with a physical therapist to assess your specific needs and create a plan of care. From that point, you may be scheduled intermittently with a PTA (Physical Therapy Assistant) that will walk you through your treatment during your therapy appointment and determine if any additional interventions are necessary. Any decisions made by the PTA are agreed upon with the treating PT to ensure each patient is safely progressing. Your discharge status will be determined by a PT and you will be provided with a home exercise program to continue and maintain any exercises that were beneficial during your time in therapy. All PTs and PTAs are trained and qualified to deliver the right care to each patient.

How long is a typical treatment plan?
The length of your treatment largely depends on the nature of the injury or issue. Depending on the extent, severity, and duration of the pain or injury plans can range from a one time visit to 3x per week. Plans can be modified on a case by case basis to ensure the best chance at recovery. Your treatment plan will be discussed with you directly at your first visit so that you can plan accordingly and work with your therapist to determine an appropriate time frame for your schedule.